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Videos: Tapping for Sexual Abuse


Here are recorded examples of tapping for childhood sexual abuse by different practitioners.  Please be aware that these are examples only.  Every person is unique, and every person’s history and experiences are  different.  Results will vary for different people, with different practitioners, quality of rapport, etc.  These videos are shown here to demonstrate that recovery from sexual abuse and trauma is possible.




Tapping for Childhood Sexual Abuse with Gary Craig:



Melinda uses EFT for Childhood Sexual Abuse with Gary Craig



Tapping for Trauma and PTSD with Dr. David Lake



EFT for Sexual Abuse with Jenny Johnston



EFT for Sexual Abuse Using the Movie Technique with Jenny Johnston



Sexual Trauma:  Healing The Sacred Wound with Peter Levine



Dr. Peter Levine on Child Sexual Abuse



Two Simple Techniques that can help you feel safe: Dr. Peter Levine



Tapping for Trauma and Abuse with Brad Yates

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