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Sexual Abuse Recovery Case Study #1-Healing from Sexual Exploitation

For many of us, hope is what keeps us going forward in our healing journey.

To be inspired regularly with stories of healing adds to our momentum to keep doing the work. Many of our volunteers at FREA are licensed professionals that use the FREA techniques in their practice. All of us at FREA use these techniques in our own self-care practices. We have loads of stories! We are excited to share with you case studies from our team. We have changed details to protect privacy. If you have an experience of healing from sexual trauma with these techniques to share, please contact us - we would love to hear from you! If you have experience rape, abuse, or assault recently, please get help immediately.

CASE STUDY #1 - Healing from Sexual Exploitation Behind every PTSD experience is not just a mountain of overwhelming pain and overwhelm – there is a mountain range of emotional agony that cannot ever be fully put into words, replete with impasses, dead ends, unsuspected micro climates, inhospitable weather, predators, and not enough air at the top. On Mt Everest and its Himalayas, one may die only once. With PTSD, it's a daily struggle that is daily lost; one is, more or less, the walking dead. ​It has taken me decades of work to put behind me the trauma of, amongst other abuses, being rented from age 4 to savage pedophiles. I could've been diagnosed with many ‘comorbid’ diagnoses. I've had several addictions, I was suicidal, I had complex visual hallucinations, and heard voices. I had bouts of catatonia – it was all very severe PTSD. Almost 25 years of traditional psychotherapy had left me free of all hallucinations but still, for instance, having dysfunctional, abusive relationships, and PTSD symptoms just under diagnose-able levels. Learning and practicing energy techniques (EP) helped me - not get my life back – I'd never had one before. They helped me truly have a life, and one that is deeply fulfilling, with the reliable experience of daily joy instead of brutal flashbacks. It was only by using these energy tools that I was able to come alive. Let me be clear: there is no dosage or intensity or type of traditional, conventional interventions that would have brought me so fully out of the mountains. Not ten years more, not twenty, not the rest of my life. AG.

If you have experience rape, abuse, or assault recently, please get help immediately.

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