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Change Trauma Brain

Our sister organization, Peaceful Heart, has added music to Tapping. Music is shown to improve our brains and help reduce PTSD and so has Trauma Tapping Technique (aka TTT, Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT). Imagine the healing that happens when the local music is added to the power of tapping!

There are several videos to watch, so tune into the channel for music TTT videos and get up and dance!

We believe in your strength and ability to heal. Peaceful Heart has witnessed hundreds of healing experiences around the globe. We are proud to have them as a sister organization to FREA. Visit for loads of free resources in a variety of languages! Many of us at FREA are #metoo survivors and we know you can heal from the pain of sexual abuse. When you are looking for inspiration and hope in your recovery, remember that FREA is here to support you with oodles of free resources. Please share today's message - help us get the word out that healing from abuse is possible! #metoo, #saam, #metoorecovery, #metoohope, #metoohealing

If you have been raped, assaulted, or abused recently, please get help immediately.

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