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Natural Tapping with Infants

An anecdote from one of my clients:

My sweet baby grandson is 15 months old and after honeymooning in Hawaii with his folks and big brother, he was sick after they got back home. I was babysitting him and after his nap he was waking up slow and as we cuddled and rocked I noticed him pressing his fingers into his ear and jaw like that helped. It reminded me of the tapping we had done with John the week before. It was a gentle light butterfly tapping all over our head, face, eyes, ears, neck, shoulders, chest. So I naturally did it to my grandson and he immediately spaced out. He was mesmerized. And when I stopped he reached up with both hands of chubby fingers and lightly tapped the side of his face for a bit and then he pointed to me, his universal sign language for me to do it again.

I lightly tapped with him with him again, and he went back to sleep! Even though he had already napped for 2 ½ hours, and it was time for him to wake up.

Another story (from JF): two years ago our two-year old grandson was crying and fussing. My partner Katya was trying to distract him and calm him down, to no avail. She then thought of tapping, and began tapping gently on his back. Within seconds he calmed down and stopped crying and fussing.

These experiences have confirmed the power of tapping for me ---- especially with infants and young children.

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