• Angela Rae Clark, FREA Volunteer

Feeling a Holiday Slump?

Does the festive air that TV, movies, and marketing make you feel like you are not enough? Like you are lacking in the proper amount of jolly & jingle? When you hear a cheerful voice, do you want to scream? Are you wondering how to hibernate til the season is over? Is your PTSD triggered, making you feel overwhelmed? You are not alone.

And the remedy, is radical self-care. Radical self-love. Radical self-acceptance.

Want some tools? We have lots of free videos and handouts to help you gain freedom from PTSD, and find your jolly & jingle. www.frea.support/videos

If you want to start with just one of these techniques we offer, begin with the Butterfly Hug.

Here is the handout link.

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