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  • Stephen Carter

Are You as Safe as Possible When Walking in the World?

Woman looking at cellphone.

Are you as attentive as possible when you’re walking in public? Do you give 100% attention to your surroundings when you’re out in the world? Do you use your cellphone as a lifeline when walking or do you take these outside walking opportunities to text or talk to friends and family members?

Our New "Stay Safe" Mini Tip Posts to Keep You Safe

This is the first post in a new Stay Safe series of short, easy to apply safety tips. Some of the posts will be short videos, some short audio podcasts, and some short text posts. All are designed to help keep you safe when you’re out in the world, when you’re home, and when you’re navigating social media.

Let’s return to the three questions:

  • Are you as attentive as possible when walking?

  • Do you give 100% of your attention to your surroundings?

  • Do you use your cellphone as a lifeline?

Here’s the bottom line:

Safe Walking Means No Text or Talking!

To stay as safe as possible, give 100% of your attention to your surroundings. Keep your eyes up and away from your cellphone. Wait until you’re in a safe location before texting or talking.

As you’re walking with your cellphone in hand ready to call 911 - or the emergency number for your location - if necessary, continually scan the surroundings and be ready to act if you sense danger or even get an uneasy feeling that something is just not right.

Trust your gut. Go to a place of safety and get help.

To download a PDF copy of this post click HERE.

To listen to the "2 Minute Safety Tip", episode of the "Safe Living Today" podcast, click the player at the end of this post.

Our Next Column

Woman paying attention on city street.

In our next column, you’ll discover the critical points of danger in public parking lots and city streets. You’ll also learn simple strategies for navigating these points of danger safely.

Until our next visit, continue to stay safe and stay blessed…

Stephen Carter

Stress Solutions, LLC | | Email:

Stephen Carter is a former Chief of Police, Corporate Security Director and safely leader for one of the world's largest financial services companies. He is now the CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to helping people enhance physical and emotional wellbeing through stress mastery using mind-body methods. He is the host of the, "Safe Living Today" and "Mind Over Stress" podcasts.

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