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7 Easy Ways to Stay Safe for Summer Travel

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For many of us, summertime is road trip time. We joyfully hit the road for vacation destinations ranging from beaches, mountains, lakes, and other fun locations.

7 Easy Safety Steps

Before you pack your bags and head out on the highway, here are a few suggestions to help keep you safe:

  • Before traveling, have your car checked over by a competent mechanic. He or she should look at the car’s oil level, battery charge level and condition, tire tread, tire inflation, fan belts, hoses. transmission fluid, brakes, and other safety items your mechanic will identify.

  • Ensure you have a usable spare tire, jack, and tire wrench and know how to change a tire. Consider signing up for AAA or other reputable roadside emergency service. Have the emergency road service phone number programmed in your cellphone or easily available in case you need help.

  • Keep your cellphone charged and on when you travel. Have at least one phone charging cord in the car at all times. Charging cords are easy to forget, so keep one stored in your car to ensure you always have one available.

  • Have a car safety kit easily accessible that includes battery jumper cables, a working flashlight with fresh batteries, a blanket, water, and non-perishable snacks. I highly recommend having a portable battery charger capable of jumpstarting your car. You’ll find them on Amazon and other online retailers; they’re also available at most auto parts stores as well. You need to charge the unit for several hours before use, but once charged, the charge will stay strong for several months. Know how to raise your hood and use the charging unit or jumper cables to start your car if your battery isn’t working.

  • If someone flashes their lights or otherwise attempts to stop you on the highway and you don’t know for sure it’s a police officer, keep moving. Call 911 and let the dispatcher know your location and what’s happening. Follow directions given to you by the police dispatcher.

  • Don’t post any information on Facebook or other social media about your travel either before you leave or when you’re away. This is an invitation to have someone burglarize your residence.

  • Never leave your purse, cellphone, or other valuables unattended in the car. When gassing up, keep the passenger doors locked. Criminals use a technique called “sliding” to pull up on the passenger side of your car. While you’re busy filling your tank, a criminal will open your passenger door, steal your purse and any other valuables on the seat, jump back in the getaway car, and leave, all before you realize what happened.

Plan Ahead and Stay Safe

Summer time can be fun time! Don’t let your special summer adventure be ruined because you didn’t plan ahead and take these simple precautions to stay safe.

Stephen Carter

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P.S. For more tips on staying safe in your home and on the road during National Safety Month and beyond, listen to the "Safe Living Today" podcast episode, "7 Easy Ways to Stay Safe for National Safety Month, click this player / link to listen:

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Stephen Carter is a former Chief of Police, Corporate Security Director and safely leader for one of the world's largest financial services companies. He is now the CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to helping people enhance physical and emotional wellbeing through stress mastery using mind-body methods. He is the host of the, "Safe Living Today" and "Mind Over Stress" podcasts.

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