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Healing Sexual Trauma Summit

Are you ready to love living in the body you’re in?

If you have experienced a body-boundary violation… If you are intimate with someone who has experienced a body-boundary violation… If someone in your family lineage has experienced a sexual trauma… If you were simply born into a female body or identify as female... then the Healing Sexual Trauma Summit is for you.

The majority of people you meet day to day in the USA have experienced body-boundary violation…

Marcy Little, author of “Naked: My Body’s Story”, has put together a powerful summit to support you in your next stage of healing. I am honored to be part of this summit with Laura Davis, co-author of the seminal “The Courage to Heal,” and over 30 international expert speakers from different backgrounds including Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Ana Forrest, Dr Keesha Ewers, Pamela Miles, Marla Apt, Cynthia James, Victoria Cartwright, Dipal Shah, Mangala Holland, Annie Brook, Ashana Solaris, Lavinia Plonka, Atira Tan, Dr Aline LaPierre, Marina Nabao, Dr Betty Martin, Jane Hardwicke Collins, Tamica Wilder, Mitlé Southey, Nikka Karli, and Nunaisi Ma who all share their unique medicine.

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn and explore during the Healing Sexual Trauma Summit:

  • Why sexual trauma haunts people long after it is over

  • The different stages of sexual trauma recovery

  • How to recognize physical versus mental triggers

  • The importance of embodiment in the healing process

  • How to develop agency, ownership, and control of your own body

  • The importance of going slow and setting boundaries

  • How to stop letting the past define your present

  • The power of your own voice

  • How to overcome shut-down and numbness

  • Orgasmic confidence

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