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Tech Safety for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Here is a well crafted and valuable resource written by Ari Howard, and published by an organization named The title of the resource is, "Tech Safety for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence".

Important safety and emotional guidance you'll discover in this article:

  • An overview of feelings associated with abuse;

  • The pandemic's impact on domestic violence;

  • What technology-facilitated abuse is and why it's important;

  • What are the points of risk for technology-facilitated abuse in your own residence;

  • Types of digital violence;

  • Technology as a tool for harassment;

  • Preparing to leave your abuser: Safety and escape plan;

  • Support services for victims of domestic violence;

  • Where to get help;

  • Protecting yourself after leaving;

  • Safety tips for using technology; and,

  • More information you can use whether you're an abuse survivors or helping someone who is.

How to Find This Valuable Guide

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