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By Sarah Frazier

We are all familiar with cyberbullying, and unfortunately bullies target women far more often than men. It's scary to see how many women are still being harassed nowadays. And not just in real life. So many women are being threatened, abused, and harassed online too .... even in the metaverse.

Here is a very thorough guide to CYBERSAFETY FOR WOMEN, written by Sarah Frazier. It discusses:

How to safely share photos

How to use messaging apps safely

How to participate in online forums safely

How to prevent hacking and doxing

Guidelines for parents

And how to safely communicate via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, etc.

We cannot rely on “authorities” to protect us. Women and men need to educate and protect themselves, as best they can.

This guide will help you do that.

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