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  • Kristin Miller, PhD, Psychologist

What Is Recovery From Sexual Abuse?

September is National Recovery Month and that is what we are doing - recovering together from sexual abuse.

What do we recover?

  • Our deep connection with our inner self that is not tainted by sexual abuse.

  • Our emotional calmness.

  • Our love and respect for ourselves.

  • Our trust in others.

  • Our right to be safe in the world.

How do we recover?

It’s important to take time and understand the impact sexual abuse has had on the self. Here are some powerful ways to experience insight and recovery:

  • Heart Breathing: Put one hand on top of the other - right over left or left over right - at the center of your chest. Breathe gently into your heart in a mindful way. Notice whatever emotions and sensations arise and dissolve in your body. Simply notice without judgement. Join FREA volunteer Julie Steinocher, LMCH, as she demonstrates Heart Breathing at

  • Trauma Tapping: Take time to release stress and trauma reactions by following Julie as she leads you through the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) process at

  • Support Groups: Tell your story and build safety in our world by participating in groups that support our world in becoming a safe place for all. Find and join support groups to help with recovery.

  • Have Faith That Recovery is Possible: The path of recovery will be different for every person. Know there is a path for you that leads to recovery step-by-step.

What is recovery from sexual abuse?

Recovery is happening when you can rest in your inner goodness, find calmness, respect yourself, learn to connect with others safely, and acknowledge your right to move through a world free of abuse.

We are recovering together.

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