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World Mental Health Day

Make Mental Health and Well Being a global priority for all.

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Mental Health is an inside job. Many of us want to treat mental illness “out there” in the world. But Mental Health and positive Well-Being begins with each of us.

It begins with positive Self-Care: eating well, sleeping well, exercising, socializing and taking good care of our Selves and our families.

We can practice mindful self-awareness, and take responsibility for our inner states. If/when you notice yourself feeling angry, anxious, upset or stressed, click on the Videos in our Self-Help section, and shift your state, gently and easily.

Feelings ---- whether "positive" or "negative" ----- are contagious. As the saying goes, "misery loves company." But happy people are happy, in part, because they have happy friends with whom they are actively involved.

Today, and every day, make it a point to reach out and touch someone.

The one you touch may be you.

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