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  • Kristin Miller, PhD, Psychologist

Take a Connection Break With Yourself!

Are you all wrapped up in the stress of your life, trying to defend yourself at every move, and feeling attacked and unsafe? Find a safe place and take a connection break. This helps your system calm down, promotes relaxation, and helps with sleep.

People that live with daily abuse almost never give themselves a time to rest and reset. Let’s try the Cook’s Hook Up together. For Video click here video


1. Place left ankle over the right ankle;

2. Simple pose put the right hand on center of chest and the left hand on top and proceed to step 6;

To do the full Hook Up, do steps number 1 and 2 and then...

3. Put both hands in front of you, back to back;

4. Cross the right and over top of the left, interlacing fingers;

5. Fold clasped hands inward to rest on the chest;

6. Place your tongue on the roof of the mouth on the in breath, then place it on the floor of the mouth with a long out breath;

7. Focus on your breathing until you feel calm (2 to 15 minutes);

Here is the video demonstration:

For more self-care techniques, click on the "Survivors" tab on our FREA website,

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