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  • Kristin Miller, PhD, Psychologist

Dancing in the Heart With Support

Not me, I can’t dance!!!

Are you sure? Is that really true?

When frozen in fear, we relegate ourselves to the role of perpetual wall flower. It feels like we can't find the courage to risk, to learn the steps so we can join the world and dance in the heart of support together.

Chained by abuse, we learn to expect hurt and to look away as if we are not worth being supported. We are silenced and isolated so we never learn the truth.

The truth is a world of compassion is ready to help us; a world of compassion that understands; a world of compassion that will take the time to walk us through the steps.

Are You Ready to Dance?

Are you ready to learn to dance? I can tell you I have spent 30 joy filled years dancing in the heart space with those who have experienced abuse.

At first it is a tentative journey marked with questioning looks. Uncertainty may be accompanied by moments of fear. Emotions are palpable and question upon question may fill the mind.

  • Are you really trust worthy?

  • Will you be there to teach me the steps?

  • Will you understand I am scared and clumsy?

Then we take risks together. We learn to move through the trauma together.

Soon, we are out on the floor laughing, embracing life, and dancing in the heart with support.

Then there’s that magic moment we learn to lead and the true self shines.

This Dance Can be Yours

This dance is available for you. I want to encourage you to reach out, find your support system, and join the dance of life free of abuse.

Reach out to your friends and Google your local agencies for support.

Contact One Safe Place at or give them a call at 1-530-244-0117.

Check Out FREA - Finding Recover and Empowerment from Abuse

Dance out distress with the Peaceful Heart Network and the Rwandan Acrobats

TTT The tapping song "Two Fingers":

Come join us in this brilliant dance of healing. We can all move through abuse and find our own rhythm in life.

Blessings from Kristin Miller, Ph.D., Lic. Psychologist, FREA Trainer and R4R Trainer

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