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  • Kristin Miller, PhD, Psychologist

Come Join Us in the Dance of Recovery!

4 women tapping.

We are dancing the dance of support and recovery in Shasta County and Northern California after devastating fires roared through our communities in 2018.

It is a delight to be in a community that is building connection and healing so deeply. Join us in this wonderful and challenging adventure. We can do this together one step at a time.

Come join us. Ulf Sandstrom, Gunilla Hamne, and Kristin Miller from the FREA and ACEP Humanitarians Teams and the Peaceful Heart Network made this podcast to help you to understand how emotional first aid can be used with ourselves and our communities when faced with traumatic events.

Whether you’re recovering from the impact of a wild fire, sexual assault, or prolonged violence, we invite you to connect and join us in moving through trauma together. All it takes is a few minutes.

Tune into how your body’s survival system is reacting to the difficult event and then pair that response with a soothing action. Try this with us as you listen to the podcast.

Click This Link or Listen to The Podcast Episode by Clicking on the Player Below:

Learnings and Practical Advice from the Wild Fires in California and Shasta County

Here are two simple skills shared in the podcast.

Breathe: Take a short breath in through the nose, hold, and let it out through the month, dropping the jaw with a sigh or a sound.

Chest Tapping: Tap all over the chest with all finger tips while you breathe.

Although we all have had the great joy to dance in many venues in our community outreach, the necessity of this outreach is truly brought home when a wild fire or violence comes to your community.

How You Can Help Your Community

We invite you to engage with your community and find out how you can bring emotional first aid home. The steps are simple.

  1. Show Up

  2. Create Safety with a smile or a question, “How can I help you.”

  3. Take the time to learn easy to share skills at

  4. Share them with your family and community.

That is probably why in Shasta County, we call our domestic violence and sexual assault agency, One Safe Place. It truly is a safe place for us to go to learn the recovery dance from abuse together. Who are you going to connect with in Finding Recovery and Freedom from Abuse (FREA)?

Listen to The Podcast by Clicking the Player Image Below:

Kristin Miller, PhD, Psychologist, DCEP, Trauma Specialist, FREA and ACEP Humanitarian Teams. Redding, CA

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