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#metoo April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, FREA Offers Support

This month FREA will be providing specific links to all the resources that are available to you at no cost. Please share any of our posts this month that help you. We are a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors heal. Many of us are also survivors, which means we know you are stronger than you think. Healing is about growing your abilities to self-regulate, self-heal, and keep hope. FREA is here to help you with Finding Recovery & Empowerment from Abuse.

Have you experienced rape or assault recently? Please get help - here is a list of steps to take: https://www.frea.support/emergency. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you begin to heal. Healing isn't always easy, however, it leads to a happier life.

Asking for help is a big step towards moving away from victim to survivor. Katey Gula is a member of FREA and she uses a Higher Power or God box. It's a small wooden box where she keeps her notes to God asking for help. Katey was introduced to FREA's founder within a day or two of putting a note in her God box asking for help. Not only did she find FREA, she learned Emotional Freedom Technique in her first conversation with Robin Trainor, FREA's founder. In Katey's words, "Meeting Robin and learning EFT was life changing for me. It was an answer to my plea for help." Write your note or simply say your request for help out loud right now. It really does work. The next task you have is to say yes, just like Katey did, when an opportunity presents itself. For Katey, the solution came from her boss at work, which was completely unexpected. Katey was in a frozen stress response and couldn't show up for work. She reluctantly shared that she had PTSD. Then her boss asked why she had PTSD, and Katey chose to be vulnerable and honest. For many of us, to disclose our abuse is scary and your story is sacred - it's okay to use discernment in sharing your story. In this case, Katey trusted her instinct that her boss was safe. Her boss knew the founder of FREA - Robin is her mother! - and that is how Katey's request for help was answered, how she found a new self-help tool, and how Katey found FREA. We know, it's hard to believe in miracles, in answered cries for help, in a Higher Power, and in healing. We've all been in that state of disbelief before. Follow us this month, give us a chance to inspire you, share tools, and resources with you. Be sure to check out our videos if you are ready to get started today!

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