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  • Angela Rae Clark, FREA Volunteer

Holiday PTSD

Holiday stress is especially real and palpable for those of us with trauma in our history. For years, I've looked at the holiday season as an opportunity for radical self care practices, or I will crash and burn. Just like alcohol hangovers, emotional hangovers suck. When I have an emotional hangover, it makes me lethargic and depressed. What is the cure for an emotional hangover? Self-care.

My self-care ranges from a walk, nap, nourishing meal, hot bath, meditation, yoga, heart chat with a friend, and/or one of the tools available here in I find the more I lean into self-soothing techniques, the more quickly I regain my balance. Yes, it means I say "no" to some one, because I need to create space in my calendar for ME. Here are some questions to explore:

  • Do I realize when I have an emotional hangover?

  • What are my emotional first aid tools?

  • Which of my basic needs are not met? Sleep, food, water, movement, shelter, income

  • Do I need to ask for support from someone else to get my needs met? If yes, who can I ask?

  • How do I create space in my calendar to take better care of myself in the days and weeks to come? Literally, what can I say, "No" to - even if I've already said yes? It's ok to change my mind in the interest of self-care.

Remember FREA provides free emotional first aid tools here:

Thanks for tuning in and taking care of yourself!

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