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Hope Series: Interviews to Inspire

Today Angela Clark interview's FREA member Katey Gula about healing from sexual abuse using Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT. Katey's has a great story about how she was introduced to FREA and EFT all in one day and how life-changing EFT was for her.

Katey and I identified some key steps for healing.

1. Ask for help - listen to how Katey used her Higher Power Box to ask for help.

2. Katey then chose to be honest about having PTSD. Being vulnerable is hard, but necessary.

3. When a unique solution was presented to Katey, she chose to say "Yes" and be open to something new.

Being part of the FREA team is important to Katey because she knows how it feels to be a victim to PTSD and how great it feels to be able to interrupt being triggered. Recovery is about finding our own power and ability to self-rescue. FREA's mission and tools are for empowerment. Start practicing these tools and find your power.

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