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Hope Series: Interviews to Inspire

Today Angela Clark interview's FREA Founder Robin Trainor about the beginning of FREA and her intuitive knowing, even as a young mental health professional, that we could heal from any trauma. Robin shares several stories of how energy medicine techniques have been a life-giving resource for members of her own family. Suffering is optional.

Robin shares many personal stories about seeking new ways to heal.

1. Right in the beginning of her career she found herself in her own healing of growing up in a home of alcoholics.

2. She found a significant portion of the addiction population she worked with had sexual trauma in their history.

3. She became known as a Sexual Trauma Specialist. And she kept asking the Higher Power to help her find resources for healing. 4. We talk about how trauma can simply stay stuck in the body if we don't address it. This extends to vicarious trauma. Self-application of these tools is where we begin.

Recovery is about finding our own power and ability to self-rescue. FREA's mission and tools are for empowerment. Start practicing these tools and find your power. Take charge of your healing. If you have been raped, assaulted, or abused recently, please get help immediately. Please share today's message - help us get the word out that healing from abuse is possible! #metoo, #saam, #metoorecovery, #metoohope, #metoohealing

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