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Emotional First Aid Series: Cook's Hook Up Technique

Today's Self-Care Technique is The Cook's Hook Up Technique. Join in with the video below to practice this technique. FREA has created a handout that can be downloaded here: PDF-The Cook's Hook Up Technique.

We believe recovery must include self-empowerment tools. We believe that the more you are supported in self-care awareness and techniques, the more you will move from victim to survivor, and someone that thrives.

Being self-resourced is an important aspect of healing. We all need the support of people, however, having the ability to neutralize a stress response is vital to our well-being.

We believe in your strength and ability to heal. Many of us at FREA are #metoo survivors and we know you can heal from the pain of sexual abuse. When you are looking for inspiration and hope in your recovery, remember that FREA is here to support you with oodles of free resources. Please share today's message - help us get the word out that healing from abuse is possible! #metoo, #saam, #metoorecovery, #metoohope, #metoohealing

If you have been raped, assaulted, or abused recently, please get help immediately.

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